The Perl Conference 2018



I’ve been programming Perl professionally since 1994. I’ve submitted my first patch against perl in 1997, and have been a release manager since 2012. This will be my 20th YAPC::NA, and 36 YAPC in total, having presented at most of them.

Andrew Rodland

Andrew has been a part of the Perl community for more than 10 years, contributing to many open-source projects, and offering help on IRC as “hobbs”.

Brad Lhotsky

Brad hacks on Perl for Craigslist. He’s spent a career trying to replace himself with Perl scripts and still has way too much work to do! He’s trying to provide more people with the knowledge and curiosity to better themselves and advance their careers.

Bruce Gray

I eat, sleep, live, and breathe Perl!
Consultant and Contract Programmer.
Frequent PerlMongers speaker.
Dedicated Shakespeare theater-goer.
Armchair Mathematician.
Author of Blue_Tiger, a tool for modernizing Perl.
37 years coding, 23 years Perl, 17 years Married, 16 YAPCs, 8 Hackathons, 3 PerlWhirls.
Perl interests: Refactoring, Perl Idioms / Micropatterns, RosettaCode, and Perl 6.

Buddy Burden

11 years in California, 22 years in Perl, 31 years in computers, 52 years in bare feet.

Chad Granum

Chad ‘Exodist’ Granum has spent most of the last decade developing testing tools. In the last several years he took over the Test-Simple project (which includes Test::More and Test::Builder) and rewrote the internals via the Test2 project. The Test2 project gave a much needed injection of new features and performance to the heart of testing in perl.

Charles McGarvey

Chaz is just another software engineer, Perl hacker, and open source software proponent. He has been programming in Perl for over 15 years and is currently employed at Endurance where he gets to work on interesting problems.

Daina Pettit

Daina started with Perl in 1994 and has been happily captivated ever since. He has presented the following talks at previous conferences: Streamlining Your Perl Code Using Map, Grep, and Sort; Perl’s Worst Best Practices; Perl Optimization Tidbits; Perl Quiz; and Perl Quiz II.

Dan Wright

Dave Jacoby

Developer/Informatician for Purdue Genomics Core. Organizer for

Dave Rolsky

Dave Rolsky has been a Perl developer since 1999, and has created or contributed to dozens of CPAN modules, including DateTime, Log::Dispatch, Params::Validate, and more. He is also a member of the Moose core development team, and in early 2009 completed a TPF grant to substantially rewrite and expand the Moose documentation. Way back when, he co-wrote Embedding Perl in HTML with Mason and RT Essentials, both published by O’Reilly. In his free time, he enjoys animal advocacy, reading, playing the board game Go, and rock climbing.

David Farrell

I’m the editor of and founder of (which merged with in 2018). I live in New York City, where I work remotely for ZipRecruiter.

David Golden

David Golden wears many hats in the Perl community. In his day job, he works at MongoDB, where he leads a team responsible for the MongoDB Perl, Ruby and Go drivers.

David H. Adler

David Hand

Long a user of Perl, this is my first time speaking at a Perl conference.

David Oswald

David is developer who is fortunate enough to be able to use Perl every day. He co-organizes Salt Lake Perl Mongers, maintains or authors a handful of CPAN modules, and loves solving hard problems with code.

Deven Corzine

“Just another Perl hacker,” who has been using Perl for 28 years and regular expressions for 30+ years.

Elizabeth Mattijsen

Developer in 🦋, 🐪, and many other (mostly now defunct) programming languages, Rakudo Perl 6 contributor and writer of Perl 6 Weekly.

Gabriel Muñoz

I’m a long-timer Perl developer. I enjoy building systems and experimenting with new languages.

Graham TerMarsch

Graham TerMarsch has been a Perl developer since the mid/late-90s, including eight years as a consultant with ActiveState/Sophos, and far too many years with companies on DarkPAN projects. Thrilled to be here with ZipRecruiter, where I can (finally) talk about the work I do.

Igor Chubin

Creator of,, and several other popular
console oriented services.

Fulltime working on EXASOL, the fastest relational database in the world (according to TPC-H), using various programming languages for that.

I’ve been using Linux since 1995 and programming Perl since 2000.

Ingy döt Net

With over 100 CPAN modules, Ingy is known in the Perl world for bringing many good, bad and ugly ideas to computer programming.

James Keenan

Long-time CPAN author, community organizer and contributor to the Perl 5 core distribution

Jan Samborski

I am a GreyHair System Admin who has been working with all kinds of technology for the last 30 years. I have seen tech come and go and the good stuff stay and grow ( an I am a poet and I don’t know it!).

System Admin feeds my family but System programming feeds my soul. I day dream about projects and how to make something turnkey, and of course, the better way…. I like to think of it as “strategic laziness” .

Married for almost 30 years with 3 grown children with 2 senior “lab’ish” sisters.

We live near the OuterBanks of North Carolina and enjoy little snow, hot breezy summers and good eating.

I like helping people who like to help themselves. Good Learning is always a team effort. I look forward to our mutual learning experience.

Jeffrey Goff

Jeff Goff is a well respected and recognisable member of the Perl and Perl 6 communities. He has been programming Perl for more years than he cares to admit, both Perl 5 and 6. Jeff is a contributor to the Perl 6 community and to Rakudo Perl. He has published a number of modules in both Perl 5 and Perl 6 and given numerous training courses in Perl 6 at conferences such as OSCON, FOSDEM, Perl Conference in Amsterdam and as part of O’Reilly Online.

Jeff is known as DrForr on irc and social networks and can regularly be found hanging out on the Perl 6 community web sites and social media groups.

Jeremy Zawodny

I’ve been programming in Perl since the Perl4 days and have done so in a University environment, at an old-school Oil Company, at Yahoo!, and now Craigslist. I’ve given several talks over the years on topics which include: Perl, MySQL, Sphinx, MongoDB, Redis, and so on. I conceived of and wrote most of the first edition of High Performance MySQL.

Jim Brandt

Jim Brandt is the President of the Perl Foundation

Joelle Maslak

Joelle started programming in 1982, although, being only 5 in 1982, she didn’t start her professional programming career until 1995. She loves Perl (both Perl 5 and Perl 6), of course, for the expressiveness of the language and support for multiple paradigms. She’s also a CPAN author – she’s particularly proud of Parallel::WorkUnit, a Perl 5 module that makes multi-process programming much easier. In addition to Perl, she loves many other areas of technology, from programming in C or PDP-8 assembly language to designing custom PCBs to control her furnace to optimizing her MPLS-based home network. She is currently exploring the boundaries of gender, and it is this pursuit that encouraged her to talk at this year’s conference.

John Jacobs Anderson

John is the VP of Technology for Infinity Interactive, a technology consultancy and bespoke software development shop. When he’s not madly trying to keep up with the pace of change in Javascript development, maintaining Perl modules, or tweaking his Emacs config, he likes to play around with new languages like Swift and write about himself in the third person.

Kivanc Yazan

Software engineer at ZipRecruiter. BS Computer Engineering at Bogazici/Istanbul, MS Computer Science at UC Santa Cruz. Interested in Semantic Web, Social Networks and CS education. 日本語OK!

Kyle Waters

I have worked as a software engineer for twelve years. Handling all sorts of technical needs big and small. Perl and regular expressions have been an important part of my tool kit since the beginning.

Larry Wall

Larry Wall is the creator of Perl.

Lena Hand

Mark Horstmeier

Mark started his career as a science teacher but came to his senses after a one year internship at a Utah high school. As usually happens, he turned to a career of Unix administration. There he taught himself Perl to address some content management issues. Soon realizing that programming involved fewer 4am calls from befuddled users, he began programming full time and never looked back. Actually, he looks back all the time, but the answers are still the same.

Mark Prather

Open source comedian, trog extraordinaire, man who is passionate about what he talks about and driven to teach.

Matt Trout

Matt S Trout was thrust into Perl at the tender age of seventeen by a backup accident. Two weeks later he realised that he was in love with the language and has been happily using it for systems automation, network, web and database development ever since.

He is co-maintainer of the Catalyst web framework (and co-author of The Definitive Guide to Catalyst), the creator of the DBIx::Class ORM, and a core team member for the Moose metaprotocol and object system, as well as contributing to assorted other CPAN projects.

Matt spends his days leading the technical team at Shadowcat Systems Limited, an open source consultancy specialising in Catalyst, Perl applications deployment and systems architecture. Shadowcat sponsors web, source repository and mailing list hosting for Catalyst, DBIx::Class and a large number of associated projects, and creates and releases open source code both internally and on behalf of its clients.

Maxwell Cabral

Max is a Team Lead at ZipRecruiter, where he leads the Academy Team – a training team for new talent. He has a passion for building teams and teaching new skills to developers of all skill level.

Michael Conrad

Michael develops web-apps by day, but all sorts of other projects in his free time. The most famous of these is the digital dashboard for his DeLorean, which finally made an appearance at TPC 2017.

Michael La Grasta

I have been writing code most of my life and working in Perl for almost 20 years. I am currently the Director of Technology for the family of companies. I also like to take pictures, race cars, and make things. My projects have been featured on,, and exhibited at multiple Maker Faires. I consider myself an advocate for common sense and Perl, which go together very well.

Mickey Nasriachi

Perl hacker for fun and profit. core dev of Dancer2 and MetaCPAN and a few CPAN modules.

Nate Handy

18+ years experience with SQL DBs
17+ years Dad experience
15+ years Perl experience

Nicolas Rochelemagne

R Geoffrey Avery

Ruth Holloway

In her presentations, Ruth Holloway shows you her own life and heart with humor and passion. With thirty years of experience in the technology trade, she has developed her skills in many technologies, while becoming a student of humanity.

In talks around the globe, Ruth seeks to inspire, challenge assumptions, and give attendees a greater consciousness of the world they inhabit.

Sawyer X

Project Lead for Perl 5 (aka Pumpking).

Scott Lee

Scott has spent most of the last two decades consulting in Configuration Management and training in Perl and other technologies. Improving software quality, SDLC and software development processes is a major focus area. In his 40 years of experience he has worked in a wide variety of companies from small startups to Fortune 500 and many industries including computer graphics, medical, financial, computer gaming and web services.

Seth Johnson

Seth loves Perl and has enjoyed the wonder and marvel that is Perl for years. Seth is an security enthusiast and privacy advocate. He is a member of UtahSAINT security organization (

Sterling Hanenkamp

Sterling works as a software engineer improving the security of the applications and web sites of ZipRecruiter, primarily working in Perl, but also a smattering of whatever else does the job. In his spare time, he reads novels and history, builds LEGOs, makes pull requests, plays Minecraft with his boys, “plays” guitar, and avoids yard work.

Stevan Little

Stevan Little is the original author of the Moose module and a long time Perl hacker.

Steven Lembark

Steve has been having run with Perl for twenty-five years for everything from light housework to heavy lifting. He uses Perl for the simple reason that it works, which is why it’s fun.

Travis Chase

Travis is a fan of most things computer science or technology related. Professionally he’s been doing web development for two decades now. Personally he tends to tinker on whatever project grabs his attention next. Some things he has been regularly into are: Perl, JavaScript, Node.js, Raspberry Pi’s, Lego Mindstorms (or Legos in general) and Games (creation and playing them).

Vadim Belman

I’m an IT expert with decades of experience in different fields. Of those for 21 year I’m using Perl as the primary programming language for many different purposes. Actively participating in Foswiki project since 2015 reworking its core to conform to modern OO and framework design standards, preparing next major release of the software.

VM Brasseur

VM (aka Vicky) spent most of her 20 years in the tech industry leading software development departments and teams, and providing technical management and leadership consulting for small and medium businesses. Now she leverages nearly 30 years of free and open source software experience and a strong business background to advise companies about free/open source, technology, community, business, and the intersections between them.

She is the author of Forge Your Future with Open Source, the first book to detail how to contribute to free and open source software projects. Think of it as the missing manual of open source contributions and community participation. The book is published by The Pragmatic Programmers and is now available in an early release beta version. It’s available at

Vicky is the proud winner of the Perl White Camel Award (2014) and the O’Reilly Open Source Award (2016). She’s a moderator and author for, a board member for the Open Source Initiative, and a frequent and popular speaker at free/open source conferences and events. She blogs about free/open source, business, and technical management at

Walt Mankowski

Until recently Walt worked as a postdoc at Drexel University, where he used high-end computer gaming hardware, combined with techniques from information theory, machine learning, and computer vision, to assist biologists in processing and visualizing terabytes of 2D and 3D microscope images. In his spare time he helps organize the Philadelphia Perl Mongers and the Philadelphia Linux Users Group.

Will ‘the Chill’ Braswell

Creator of RPerl & Co-Creator of Perl 11.
Scouter, Juggler, Mormon, Perl Monger, Serial Entrepreneur, Volunteer, Aspiring Astrophysicist, Community Organizer, Family Man.

Will Coleda

TPF Grant Committee Secretary, Perl 6 contributor.