The Perl Conference 2018

Joelle Maslak

Joelle started programming in 1982, although, being only 5 in 1982, she didn’t start her professional programming career until 1995. She loves Perl (both Perl 5 and Perl 6), of course, for the expressiveness of the language and support for multiple paradigms. She’s also a CPAN author – she’s particularly proud of Parallel::WorkUnit, a Perl 5 module that makes multi-process programming much easier. In addition to Perl, she loves many other areas of technology, from programming in C or PDP-8 assembly language to designing custom PCBs to control her furnace to optimizing her MPLS-based home network. She is currently exploring the boundaries of gender, and it is this pursuit that encouraged her to talk at this year’s conference.

CPAN: jmaslak