The Perl Conference 2018

You’re Not Wanted Here! (How design decisions can make your application discriminatory)

Joelle Maslak | Mon, 6/18 at 4:10 pm | 50 minutes | Idaho

How do you tell someone they aren’t wanted, in the new, interconnected world in which we live? Learn from successful examples of exclusion how you can build sites to keep disabled people, women, the LGBT community, people from nations you don’t care about, and others from having a positive experience with your application. With luck, those pesky outsiders will get the hint and go elsewhere, and your homogenous team can continue to only think about people like yourselves! This talk will be useful for anyone that may have design input into computer applications, regardless of experience level. While this talk will use Perl for some examples, most of the content will be understandable by people without any Perl background. (Note: This talk is intended to use irony and sarcasm to help people understand how to build applications that have the widest possible audience, so while it will present the topic as a way of excluding people, the intent is that you would do the opposite!)

Audience: Everyone
Track: Community