The Perl Conference 2018

Orchestrating For Your Architecture: Using Ansible and other devops tools to get things done

Gabriel Muñoz | Wed, 6/20 at 11:10 am | 50 minutes | Ballroom A

Server administration has a strong tradition with Perl programmers. Ansible is a tool for automating the orchestration of your infrastructure no matter how large or small. Combining it with your Perl skills is a way to empower your ability to go from code to deployment with confidence.

The goals are two-fold:

  • Introduction to Ansible as well as some other tools that I’ve found invaluable in getting things done with a Perl-based web application.
  • Real-world scenarios that show how Ansible stands apart when “orchestrating”, or changing up your software systems, whether they be enterprise servers or Raspberry Pis.

You’ll be shown some real-world best practices and examples of how to do some useful tasks. This will lead up to a series of scenarios that will help you engineer the security and performance of a distributed system.

Audience: Beginner
Track: Regex/DevOps