The Perl Conference 2018

Training Your Inner Cowboy

Jan Samborski | Mon, 6/18 at 5:10 pm | 50 minutes | Ballroom C

Are you a solo developer?
Do you cringe when you have to have change code you wrote a year ago? a month ago? last week?
Have you thrown away working code which solved the right problem but for the wrong people at the wrong time?
Want to develop the right app for the right people in the shortest time?
This presentation will steer you in that direction
We have merged Modern::Perl and Agile methods to reliably make apps which can be built quickly and changeable for years to come.
This is a workflow, not just an application. You can pick and choose what you want or commit to the whole system and see how it works for you.
You have nothing to lose, nothing to buy, everything to gain and you are using the tools you know.
Lets get started today and deliver tomorrow!

Audience: Everyone
Track: Beginner