The Perl Conference 2018

Making Dates Easy(er) in Perl

Buddy Burden | Mon, 6/18 at 5:10 pm | 50 minutes | Ballroom B

We all know dates should be easy–not only in Perl, but everywhere–but somehow they aren’t. In this three-part talk, I’ll cover the following topics:

  1. What makes dates hard? This will involve some science, some history, and some ranting.
  2. What are some Perl solutions to the problems? In this case, “solutions” == “modules”: I’ll briefly discuss the most popular Perl date modules and what each are best at.
  3. How can Date::Easy solve some of those problems? My own entry into the dating game is Date::Easy; it isn’t a silver bullet (because nothing is), but there’s a class of problems it tackles really well. (Since the talk isn’t really meant as a commercial for my module, this will actually be the briefest part of the talk.)

At the end of the hour, you’ll have a better understanding of dates and times, as well as a new appreciation for those Perl modules that dare to tackle this thorny issue.

Audience: Intermediate
Track: Development