The Perl Conference 2018

Event-driven programming in Perl

Charles McGarvey | Mon, 6/18 at 2:00 pm | 50 minutes | Ballroom B

Event-driven programming is a paradigm where programmers creates subroutines that get called when events occur. Events can be just about anything: timers expiring, new data becoming available to read from a socket, even humans clicking on things in an interactive program.

Event-driven programming definitely isn’t anything new, but there have been some interesting developments over the past ten years. Event-driven frameworks and applications have risen in popularity and are replacing systems built using outdated techniques. New methods and language features have been created to make event-driven programming nicer.

In this talk we’ll go over:

  • the language features in Perl that make event-driven programming happen,
  • some CPAN modules that offer the extra functionality you need.

This talk is somewhat geared toward beginners (either to Perl or to event-driven programming), but it may also be interesting to anyone wondering about the current state of event-driven programming in Perl.

Audience: Everyone
Track: Development