The Perl Conference 2018

A Path to Success through Junior Developers

Maxwell Cabral | Sun, 6/17 at 9:00 am | Half day | Wyoming

It’s a common meme that Junior Developers will destroy your systems, wreak havoc on your operations, distract your Senior Developers, and detract from your productivity.

With the proper program, nothing could be further from the truth. Why all the fear then? There are many reasons, but ultimately they boil down to lacking the tools to properly manage the complexities of someone who is “”new”” or is from a seemingly incompatible world view. This session will give you proven tools for success.

A well organized recruitment, training, and management program can equip your team with hungry young minds that are able to take over meaningful work from your existing senior team members or start projects you have left for “”when we have time.”” The benefits are huge: Senior developers can focus on duties that better take advantage of their experience and skills and projects that would have been “”just a week away”” for months can have active development.

This tutorial will teach skills that are fundamentally technology agnostic. I will go over the following:


  • What these people bring to the table
  • Diversity and why it’s not just a buzz word
  • Convincing your manager, director, or VP.

Recruiting Skills

  • Setting you and your team up for success
  • Attracting talent, not just youth, through your recruitment message
  • Why “Junior” does not belong in their job title.

Managerial Skills

  • Understanding Millennials in the Workplace
  • Mentoring, Career Shaping, and building an actionable feedback cycle
  • Handling failure
  • Shaping the interactions between junior developers and the team

Technical Skills

  • What do today’s grads know, and what are they missing?
  • Building competency through a two week skills bootcamp
  • What to document, and how to document it.
  • Teaching Methods and the path to Competency

The example materials including sample documentation and reference materials for new developers I present will be yours to use freely within your organization.

Maximum class size: 15
Cost: $200

Tutorials require an additional ticket purchase. Please purchase your ticket at Eventbrite.

Audience: Everyone