The Perl and Raku Conference

How to Attend this Conference

Conference Tools

Using Sched

Set your Timezone, check off meetings you plan to attend.

Allow us to communicate with you.

Other than the password for zoom email, we plan to do the remaining communications via Sched. Please be sure you have not turned off communications in your Sched profile.

Using Zoom

Links to join each Zoom session are available on the Sched website. You can click on the link to join but you will need a password. The password will be emailed to you at the same email address you used to register for the conference in Eventbrite.

Interaction in Zoom Sessions

  • All sessions will have hosts/moderators
  • Use the “Raise Hand Feature” if you need to ask questions.
  • You can also ask questions in the Zoom chat and the moderator will help you get your question asked if possible


All live feeds can be found at They will later be edited and posted for permanent viewing.

Speaker Feedback

Your feedback is valuable to speakers and organizers to run a good event in the future. Please give feedback in Sched if possible.

Communicating with Attendees

This is a community event. Organize your own sub events if you like.