The Perl and Raku Conference

COVID-19 has kept us all home. However, we still have great things to share about Perl and Raku. Join us for a 3-day event including interactive talks and forums.

At the Conference in the Cloud, expect to see Perl and Raku presentations. Core presentation topics in the past have included Perl 5 and Perl 6 (now Raku) and organizers plan to continue the same way moving forward. Just like the Perl and Raku Conference, The Conference in the Cloud is organized and run by volunteers. There will be two presentation tracks, each with 20-50 minute talks on a variety of technical topics throughout each day.


Speaker dates are June 8-10. In order to accommodate the most time zones possible, we have decided to host from 11 AM to 6 PM EDT or 15:00 to 22:00 UTC. This world clock meeting planner can help you visualize what this looks like for your time zone.

We do not plan to have master classes this year.


Attendees who want to interact live with speakers and other attendees (during BOFs, panels, and Q&A) will need to pay a minor registration fee of $10.00. The $10.00 fee is inclusive of the entire event. This fee will help secure a safe event and help cover the minor costs of hosting it. You can register here.


Presentations are given by volunteer speakers. Call for papers is open. Click here to submit a paper.

How will sessions be hosted?

We hope this is the last year we are forced to do an online conference. We plan to use the same technology as we have in the past. This includes: Paper call for submission of talks. Sched for seeing the schedule, and Zoom for presentations.

The Perl and Raku Conference in the Cloud (TPRCiC) is going to be an online, interactive event hosted on the Zoom platform. The broadcast will be recorded and streamed simultaneously to YouTube.

TPRCiC organizers are going to do their best to set the platform up as safely as possible. It will be configured so that only the presenter has the ability to talk and present. All others will be muted and will need to request access to speak (to ask a question or make a comment) or share video.

Access to the interactive conference on Zoom will only be granted to people who register in advance, agree to the Code of Conduct, and pay a minimal fee. Presentations will be streamed live to YouTube so those who canโ€™t pay the fee or wonโ€™t use Zoom, can still access most conference content. BOFs will not be available on YouTube.