The Perl and Raku Conference 2020

Accessibility at the conference

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Accessibility belongs to the Perl Community (all of us)

The Perl Conference has over 250 attendees and at many points during this event spaces will get crowded, especially in hallways outside of conference rooms and narrow corridors. While the “Hallway Track” (time during or in between talks, used for networking) is an important part of The Perl Conference, please be mindful that some of the passageways at the DoubleTree are narrow. Please do not congregate in narrow corridors. There are public spaces where discussions will be more comfortable and less invasive in the foyer and lobby sections of the venue.

In the meeting rooms you should keep side and center aisles clear for movement as well. Further, there will be sections of seating areas marked with blue tape on the floor. The areas marked in blue tape at the front and rear of the room are reserved for people in wheelchairs and scooters. Please do not move chairs or place bags into these areas. Also, some seats in the front row are signed to be reserved for people who need to be closer in order to see; please don’t occupy them unless you need that accommodation.

  • Don’t loiter in the narrow corridors.
    • Discussions can be held comfortably at 20-30 feet in either direction.
  • Keep marked spaces and blue taped areas clear for wheelchairs and scooters.
  • Don’t sit in reserved seating unless it’s reserved for you.

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